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Fantastic and Extraordinary: The Realm of Wu Bin’s Painting
Fantastic and Extraordinary: The Realm of Wu Bin’s Painting (in Chinese)
  • Author: CHEN, Yunru
  • ISBN: 978-957562652-5
  • Price: NT$570
  • Binding: softcover


Wu Bin was an artist who gained his reputation as a painter. He was also someone who was gifted in poetry and prose. A Buddhist devotee, he became a late Ming layman with multiple roles, and was known for his eccentric and fantastic painting style; Wu Bin's style of painting was a result of his early life experience in Fujian, and his landscape paintings often reveal spindly and monumental peaks stretching the bounds of conventional structures. His Buddhist figure paintings feature exaggerated forms and suggest his pursuit of spiritual wisdom. His bird-and-flower paintings focus on the unusual and twist the boundaries of appearance. Consequently, later people used the terms "fantastic" and "extraordinary" to praise the fascinating allure of his arts. Against the backdrop of numerous painting schools in the late Ming, Wu Bin's eccentric manner full of visual tension gradually faded away from view, only to resurface again in the early twentieth century. It attracted the attention of the world after images of artworks in the Palace Museum became public. This exhibition of paintings by Wu Bin in the NPM's collection is being held so that our audience can fully appreciate his rich and fantastic realm of painting.
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