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Past Exhibits

Painting Animation “Spring Morning in the Han Palace”
Painting Anime “Spring Morning in the Han Palace”
  • Dates: 2013/07/17~2013/12/15
  • Gallery: (Northern Branch) Exhibition Area I 102

Exhibit Info

Spring Morning in the Han Palace
Qiu Ying(1494-1552), Ming dynasty
Handscroll, ink and colors on silk, 30.6×571.4 cm

This work represents various activities in a Han dynasty (206BC-AD220) palace on a spring morning. Among them is the famous story of Mao Yan-shou painting the portrait of Wang Zhao-jun. The intricate composition is rendered with crisp and strong brushwork and beautiful colors. The lavish palace scenes are punctuated by trees and decorative rocks, creating marvelous scenery similar to that of the immortals. In addition to the groups of beauties, leisure activities of literati, such as painting, doing calligraphy, planting flowers as well as playing zither and chess, are shown. This masterpiece of historical narrative painting by Qiu Ying was done for Hsiang Yuan-pien and completed after 1542.
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