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Past Exhibits

Qianlong C.H.A.O. New Media Art Exhibition
Qianlong C.H.A.O. New Media Art Exhibition
  • Dates: 2013/10/08~2014/03/16
  • Gallery: (Northern Branch) Exhibition Area I 106

Exhibit Info

You, too, can be a Qianlong—a Son of Heaven specially gifted, an emperor who sought for “the Ten Great Campaigns” in life, and a director, collector and connoisseur who embraced art. From a modern perspective, we may interpret his love and attitude for his collection and his innovation to lead the trend as “C.H.A.O.”.

But for once let’s try to see “Qianlong” as an icon instead of the great emperor in Chinese history, and boldly arrange some connection between this “Emperor Culture” and “Pop Culture” (Subculture). Via topics about Street Culture, Cosplay, Disc Jockeys, Anime & Manga, Action Figures, Electronic Music, Avant-Garde Fashion and Video Games, we dialectically understand the relationship between art taste and cultural phenomenon. The “Qianlong’s Icon” we interpret in this exhibition uses Culture Remix to build a connection among history, the “parallel time and space” we fabled for this exhibition and the “contemporary time” the visitors are currently in.

For this exhibition we invited tens of artists/groups to deconstruct the beauty and practicality of the relics that Qianlong collected, interpret them from a brand new point of view and re-deduce them to fit in a modern perspective. We expect visitors to gradually deconstruct the media form and comprehend the essential of “Media”, followed by building a “New” way of thinking or affection within themselves, or between them and others—which means a real spirit of the “New” Media, as well as a symbol that represents “Everyone Reads”, “Everyone Interprets” and “Everyone Produces” since internet era has fallen.

At the end of the journey, you look into the eye of “Qianlong with Ten Great Campaigns” and all around you are other visitors who were crowned to be this icon with their own stories and collection, reminding you that human beings are of course the most beautiful scenery wherever you go.

Yes, you’re now an iconic Qianlong, walking into a fantasy world of “Creativity” concept, to interpret the beauty of Qianlong’s “Heritage” and wrap it with “Art”-- an “Odyssey” that needs exploring. This is what we call “C.H.A.O.”

And so the journey begins. You’re more than welcome to pay a visit, Mr. or Mrs. Qianlong.

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