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Past Exhibits

Elegant Gathering at Shuangxi: An Exchange of Painting and Calligraphy by 3 Museums Across the Straits
Elegant Gathering at Shuangxi: An Exchange of Painting and Calligraphy by 3 Museums Across the Straits
  • Dates: 2014/09/06~2014/11/09
  • Gallery: (Northern Branch) Exhibition Area II 1F , Library Building
  • Fare: Fare: Free Admission

Exhibit Info

In November 2012, the Palace Museum in Beijing and Nanjing Museum co-organized “An Exchange Exhibition of Works in Painting and Calligraphy” at the exhibition area of the “Gate of Divine”(Shenwu Men) building of the Palace Museum. The exhibition gathered about a hundred works of painting by the staff members of both museums. Last November, in conjunction of the opening of the new museum building and its 80th anniversary celebration, the Nanjing Museum launched “Elegant Gathering of Works in Painting of the Three Museums across the Straits,” inviting the Palace Museum in Beijing and the National Palace Museum to participate in the exhibition of more than 100 selected works, facilitating artistic exchanges between the staff members of the three museums. This year, the exhibition travels to Taipei, hosted at the NPM from September 6 to November 9 in Exhibition Area II.

As there are many senior staff members whose artistic accomplishments are unparalleled by the juniors, the current version of the exhibition expanded its scope and included works by staff members who have passed away. The exhibition now displays about 170 works; apart from paintings and calligraphic work, there are also painted ceramics, seal carvings, photography and unique pottery painting. A special addition to the exhibition is a collection of letters of the earlier Palace Museum staff members, who moved from the north to the south of China along with the artifacts.

How many people moved with the artifacts from Beijing to the South and then to Taiwan? How many people transferred from Nanjing to the preparatory office of the National Central Museum, thus beginning a lifetime’s association to the Palace Museum? These stacks of personal letters reveal the stories and the esteemed virtues of these first-generation “Palace Museum People.”

The exchange of sentiments is especially apparent in the colophons of calligraphic works of those who have passed away. We see this continuing legacy among the works of current and retired “Palace Museum People,” through their use of traditional ink and brush techniques, and pottery refining techniques to create timeless art in the highly digital 21st century.

A Chinese idiom goes: “Stones from another mountain can polish your own jade.” Through this collaborative exhibition, we revel in the nostalgia for the past, the depth of human sentiment and the sublimation of art. Here on the banks of outer Shuangxi river in Taipei, the wise and the learned congregate, the young and the old gather; hence the title “Elegant Gathering at Shuangxi.”
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