National Palace Museum

Volume 30

Volume30, Number4 (Summer, 2013)
Wen Fong Revisiting Two Dong Yuans (active ca. 937-76):Paradigms in Early Chinese Monumental Landscape Painting(Abstract)
Yu Hui On Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting in and after Li Tang’s Times(Abstract)
Lu Sheue-yann Study on Map Series Depicted along the Great Wall in Shanxi in the National Palace Museum Collection(Abstract)
Wang Chuping An Investigation into the Relationship between the Kangxi Mark and the Qianlong Mark Enamelled Gold Bowls(Abstract)
Luo Ai-li Interpretations of the Uyghur Inscriptions of the Painting of Four Steeds of Afghan (Abstract)
Chen Yi-wen The New Five Rejoinings of HSIAO-T’UN (The Yin-Shang Site at Anyang,Honan) Volume II:InscriptuonsPart1 (Plates) and the wrong Rejoinings of Hsiao-T’un (The Yin-Shang Site at Anyang, Honan)VolumeII:Inscriptuons Part1 (Plates)(Abstract)

Volume30, Number3 (Spring, 2013)
Teng Shu-p'ing Han Jade Bi Discs and the Significance of Bi Discs in the History of Chinese Culture(Abstract)
Chen Pao-chen A Comparative Study of Paintings Showing Birthday Celebrations of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Period(Abstract)
Chen Fang-mei Yuan-Shu Jiang and the Ritual Musical Instruments of the Taiwan Prefecture School(Abstract)
Yu Pei-chin The Emperor Qianlong's Ideal Imperial Kiln, as Seen in the Illustrated Album of Ceramics Making(Abstract)
Hou Hao-chih Prudential and Talented: Discuss Haiwan Regarding his contribution to Imperial Workshops(Abstract)

Volume30, Number2 (Winter, 2012)
Lee Yu-min The Maitreya Cult and its Imagery from the Northern and Southern Dynasties( Abstract )
Feng You-heng Empress Dowager, Politics, and Art: A New Reading Into the Portraits of Empress Dowager Cixi( Abstract )
Chiang Mei-yin A Study on the Liangzhu Stone and Jade Artifacts Excavated in Guangdong Province( Abstract )
Hsu Wen-mei On the Peach Blossom Spring Imagery in Several of Qiu Ying's Blue-and-Green Landscape Paintings( Abstract )
Wang Chong-ci The Contrast of Ching Gaozong's First Collected Works of Imperial Text( Abstract )

Volume30, Number1 (Autumn, 2012)
Chen Pao-chen The Gifts for Emperor Kangxi’s Sixtieth Birthday and Their Related Problems( Abstract )
Li Xiaocong Study on Mapping Atlas of the Empire Kangxi Era with Editions( Abstract )
Ch'en Kuo-tung Heshihen, Superintendent of the Wuyindian Workshops: A “Rites Controversy” Figure of the Department of Imperial Household( Abstract )
Guan Xueling A Further Research on the Spreading of the Western Medicine into the Qing Court during the Reign of Kangxi Emperor( Abstract )
Zhou Weiqiang Power that Exalts the Glory of the Empire: A New Inquiry into the European-style Artillery Guns Made during the Reign of Emperor Kangxi( Abstract )