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The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 351, June) (in Chinese)
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 351, june) (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Fung, Ming-Chu
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
  • Price: NT$200
  • Binding: softcover


"How to Develop "a Keen Sense to See Things Before They Come": A Speech from Ex-Vice President Vincent Siew at the NPM Museum Staff & Volunteer Symposium", Vincent Siew
"Qing Court Jewelry During the Glorious Eastern & Western Empire", Chen Hui-Xia
"Western Aristocratic Jewelry: The Cartier Collection, by Pierre Rainero/translation", Wang Ji-Ze
"Pu-Yi, the Last Emperor of China and His Heirloom", Wu Bin
"Pu-Yi's Personal Agenda and Empress Wanrong's "Double-Delight" Jadeware", Li li
"Finding Functionality in Qing Dynasty Gems", Chen Xia-Sheng
"Discussing the Color Ribbon, Starting with a Bumper Harvest", Huang Yun-Lu
"The Sino-Russian Trade and Qing Court Fashion", Lai Hui-Min
"Travelling while Seated: Comparisons and Contrasts of Two Book Editions 3,000 Years Apart", Wu Xiao-Yun
"Seeking Enlightenment: Sudhanakumâra's 53 Visits to Heavenly Truth", Zhang Wen-Ling
"Introducing "Gibbons at Play" Hanging Scroll by Emperor Xuanzong (Ming Dynasty)", Wu Song-Fen
"Creating Dragons & Snakes at the Tip of a Brush: Calligraphies by Scholars of the Confucian Classics in the Middle-Late Qing Dynasty", You Guo-Qing


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