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The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 353, Aug) (in Chinese)
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 353, Aug) (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Fung, Ming-Chu
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
  • Price: NT$200
  • Binding: softcover


"Eastern & Western Snuff Bottles in the NPM: The Art and Culture of Snuff Bottles Special Exhibition", Hou Yili
"Snuff & Snuff Bottles as Recorded in Qing Literature", Zhang Lin-Sheng
"Snuff Bottles & the Glass Factories in the Qing Imperial Household Workshop", Zhang Rong
"Jesuit P. Constantin Bened Paems: Glass Craftsmen and Botanists in the Imperial Court during Qianlong's Reign", Emily Byrne Curtis (translation by Liu Yu-Chu)
"Qing Dynasty-Styled 'Three-Clipping Earring': Images v.s. Live Objects", Tsai Mei-Fen
"The Luster of Gems: Qing Court's Diamond & Accessories from the 18th Century", Chen Hui-Hsia
"From Images to Live Objects: Empress Wanrong's Love for Jewelries", Li Li
"A Lovely Plaything: Snuff Bottles & Curio Boxes", Hou Yili
"An Important Guest in My Domain: A Journey in Celebrating Qianlong's Eightieth Birthday by Taiwanese Aboriginals", Tsai Cheng-Hao
"A Good Playmate, though Much Less a Trustworthy Teammate: Famed River Engineer Li Yumei and Masonry Dams in the Yellow River", Zhou Weiqiang
"Rebirth of an Ancient Art Piece: Another One of Lu Yuan's Masterpieces in the NPM", Chang Hua-Chih
"Past Development and Future Challenges in NPM's Artifact Photography", Cheung Chi-Gwong

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