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The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 358, Jan) (in Chinese)
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 358, Jan) (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Ho, Chuan-hsing
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
  • Price: NT$200
  • Binding: softcover


"A special exhibition of porcelain with painted enamels of Yongzheng Period in the Qing Dynasty" by Yu Pei-Chin
"Yongzheng's falangcai porcelain teaware" by Liao Bao-Xiu
"Prince Yi, Emperor Yongzheng, and the Imperial household department workshops" by Chen Guo-Dong
"Examining the manufacture of the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen in the Kangxi-Yongzheng period through iron-red porcelains" by Wang Chu-Ping
"The recording, transfer, characteristics, and sharing of the National Palace Museum's digital collections" by Fung Ming-Chu
"The parrot cup and miscellaneous items" by Xie Ming-Liang
"Boxwood brush-holder depicting a scholars' gathering in the West Garden" by Chen Hui-Hsia
"Myriad forms in the tip of a brush: the art of calligraphy by Zhu Yunming special exhibition" by He Yan-Chiuan
"The era of qili eagle and jade animal hairpin: the evolution of shapes and cultural tradition" by Zhu Nai-Cheng
"Bird and animal-shaped copperware during the Shang-Zhou Dynasties: an introduction beginning with wine vessel zun of Lady Hao in the shape of owl" by Li Qing
"A reflection of the lives of late Shang Dynasty civilians: archaeological excavations of Shang Dynasty gathering at the Guandi Temple in Xingyang, Henan" by Li Su-Ting
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