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The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 359, Feb) (in Chinese)
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 359, Feb) (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Ho, Chuan-hsing
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
  • Price: NT$200


"Welcoming the arrival of 2013: the cultural significance behind the snake totem worship" by Zhuang Ji-Fa
"The transformation of snake images: snakes as portrayed in the Han Dynasty art" by Huang Qiong-Zhi
"Emperor Yongzheng’s secret making of snake medicine and antidotes" by Hou Hao-Zhi
"Studying the portraits of Yuan Dynasty emperors and consorts" by Chen Yunru
"The drawing of "suan ni" (one of the dragon's nine sons who bears the resemblance of a lion) by Yuan Dynasty artists" by Lai Yu-Zhi
"The Beauty of Palace-Covering Flowers: Zhao Chang's "Picture for the New Year" " by Tann Yi-Ling
"The thumb rings and archery tradition of the Indian Mughal Empire" by Wu Wei-Ping
"Investigating the period of creation for the Ten Fine Hounds by Qing Dynasty artist Giuseppe Castiglione" by Li li
"A mingle of humanities study and digital technology: the NPM’s digital archiving achievements and applications" by Wu Shao-Chun
"Roaming the Kunyu (world map) interactive theatre: a modern experience of the old historical maps" by Huang Han-Ying and Hsieh Jyun-Ke
"The Buddha as represented via the monarchs: the influence of Buddhist sculptures on the appearance of emperors in the Southern and Northern Dynasties" by Wang Yan-Yun
"Deciphering the red lacquer painting technique in the qinshu (book and music) from the Ming and Qing Dynasties" by Chang Bei
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