National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 360, Mar) (in Chinese)

  • Chief Editor: Ho, Chuan-hsing
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
"My old age does not prevent me from serving my country: Wang De Lu's achievements and contributions in the Chiayi area" by Tsai Cheng-Hao.
"The Zhuluoshan (now Chiayi) battlefield: simplified images and a walk-through of the strong resistance put up by the bandits in the Chiayi County villages" by Lai Yu Ling.
"Caibi Qingci (the colors of the view produced at a tip of a brush): chanting and cherishing the views of the night with late Ming literati" by Hsu Yuan-Ting.
"The gentle fragrance of the past: Analects of Confucius, Song edition by Liu's Yuhaitang Printhouse" by Wu I-Ching.
"Scattered but well-preserved: the passing down of Literary Anthology's Tianlu Linlang (Resplendent Voluminosity) collection in the Song and Ming Dynasty" by Liu, May-Ling.
"‘Wrongfully accredited fame to a clumsy and dull-witted individual such as myself': the life and personal encounters of Zhu Yunming and the calligraphy styles of Zhong You" by Zhu Hui-Liang.
"An event unprecedented: A New Era for the Museum Collection of oracle bone scripts" by Wang Ching-Shung.
"A smooth command of the brush with a splendid touch to create a world of depth and elegance: appreciating the artistic styles observed from Su Shi's Ode on the Red Cliff" by Lu Ting-Qing.
"The king of jewelry, beginning with the inspection of two of the Indian Mughal Empire thumb rings" by Chen Tung-Ho.
"Digitalizing the painting and calligraphy collection: the functions and features of the compiled painting and calligraphy data" by Xie Dong-Zhi.
"The exotic colors of Thailand: the art and culture emerged from the Sino-Thai exchanges" by Chu Lung-Hsing.
"Dissecting the mural painting of the Hang Dynasty tombs in Yinghengzi and the illustrations of ascension to heaven" by Song Yan-Qiu.
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 360, Mar) (in Chinese)