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The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 362, May) (in Chinese)
The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art (no. 362, May) (in Chinese)
  • Chief Editor: Ho, Chuan-hsing
  • ISSN: 1011-9078
  • Price: NT$200


"Introducing the Voyage with the Tailwind: Qing Archival and Cartographical Materials on Maritime History in the National Palace Museum Special Exhibition, written" by Zhou Weiqiang and Chen Lung-Kuei
"Emperor Kangxi’s oceanic policies, written" by Chen Jie-Xian
"Catholic religious activities in Jiangnan in the early Qing Dynasty, written" by Feng Er-Kang
"The Sino-Franco Battle of Fuzhou, written" by Li Tian-Ming
"Bestowing the title to the King of Ryukyu and the diplomats, written" by Chi Ling-Shou
"Fujian people and Sino-Ryukyuan sailing, written" by Xie Bi-Zhen
"Tianjin maritime operations and Qing Dynasty history, written" by Chang Chien-Hua
"Friendly ships from Guangzhou: A study of the eighteenth century South China Sea trades by examining the Ca Mau shipwreck, written" by Li Qing-Xin
"The National Palace Museum’s collection of Qing Dynasty Ryukyu files and the Sino-Ryukyuan tributary relationship, written" by Chen Lung-Kuei
"The General of Jinghai (one who maintains peace on the seas): Viceroy of Zhejiang Li Changgeng and China’s coastal defence in the Southeast during the Jiaqing Era, written" by Zhou Weiqiang
"Moxibustion by Li Tang (painter), written" by Tung Wene
"An Encounter between West Lake tourism and Hangzhou publishing: The origin and distinguishing features of Notes on the West Lake by Shang Weijun (Ming Dynasty), written" by Ma Meng-Jing
"Inventory record of the National Palace Museum’s collection from 2008 to 2012, written" by Shih Pei-Yin and Cheng Pang-Yen
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