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List of Categories in the Collection

A Statistical Tabulation of Numbers and Types in the Collection

As of October 2023, the National Palace Museum houses 698,857 artifacts, which are divided into the following categories (the number of artifacts for each category is listed below):

Bronzes: 6,241
Paintings: 6,745
Ceramics: 25,595
Calligraphic works: 3,743
Jades: 13,478
Calligraphic model books: 495
Lacquer wares: 773
Tapestries and embroideries: 308
Enamel wares: 2,520
Fans: 1,882
Carvings: 666
Rubbings: 900
Studio implements: 2,379
Rare books: 216,507
Coins: 6,953
Archival documents: 395,551
Miscellaneous objects: 12,495
Textiles: 1,626


Last Updated:2023-11-09