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Displaying “The Power of Museums”! The National Palace Museum in Taiwan Introduces A Series of Exhibitions and Events in Celebration of International Museum Day on May 18th

Release date:2022-04-29
News Room

In celebration of International Museum Day, National Palace Museum (NPM) in Taiwan will be admissions-free on May 18th.  In response to this year's theme, "The Power of Museums," the museums will launch a series of exciting events to let everyone experience the positive healing power of art.

The Museum’s Northern Branch in Taipei City, Northern Taiwan, will put on display exquisite and plentiful tapestry and embroidery works in the current special exhibition, “A Brocade of Images: Landscapes and Figures in Tapestry and Embroidery.” In connection with the exhibit, the museum is promoting a curator-led tour which will give visitors a detailed look of this unparalleled artistry through hundred and thousands of silk threads.

On May 22nd, the museum will also be holding a demonstration and lecture on tapestry art featuring a conversation between the show’s curator and Ms. Huang Lanye, a “national living treasure” and practitioner of important traditional tapestry handicrafts. She will demonstrate on-site how to weave brocade and how aspects of the craft has been passed on from ancient times to the present day. To anyone interested in the Museum’s collections and tapestry handicrafts, this is not to be missed.

In addition, the exciting results of the “Listen to Your Voice” workshop, which called upon the public to reinterpret the cultural artifacts from the “Curio Cabinets and the Collection, Storage, and Display of Artifacts” special exhibit from a contemporary perspective, will also be published on the Museum’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram on May 13th.

For families, the museum recommends the “Museum Star: Idol Selection Competition” real-world puzzle-solving  event. Just click on the NPM Kids website to participate in the competition. While you solve riddles, you’ll learn more about the Zhishan Garden’s architecture, landscape, and the beauty of history and culture. After you finish the online game, you can go to the front desk of the Children’s Art Center on the Northern Branch’s B1 Level and show your phone screen to exchange for a small gift.

Meanwhile, the Museum’s Southern Branch in Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan is promoting a series of events on “The Influential Power of Fantasy.” Each week will involve more excitement and endless fun! The first set of events begin on May 1st with “Picture Puzzles: Exhibit Breakout.” Visitors are invited to participate either in-person or online to crack the codes based on the collection! Then, on May 7th, there will be “Eternal Moments: Stop-Motion Animation Workshop,” where participants will use hand-drawn animations to show the special characteristics of The Southern Branch’s buildings, galleries, and collections.

On May 14th, the Southern Branch will hold “Townspeople Go Crazy: Chiayi County Local Cultural Center Fair,” and on May 28th, there will be an artist’s lecture on the birth of animation. For this, we invited Zhang Jiaze, an animation artist, who has been shortlisted at Ottawa International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival, and other well-known international animation festivals to share tidbits on her creation process. Other than that, the Museum will also have DIY workshops, creative classes, guided tours for special exhibits, afternoon performances, and many more exciting events. The Museum hopes to show the interdisciplinary connections made by contemporary museums through the influential power of images.

Finally, the Museum Shop will be promoting a “518 International Museum Day Section” in both its online and physical stores, which will feature specially selected merchandise. The Museum will also offer dining discounts. On May 18th, Xianjufu Cafe customers who spend more than $300NTD will enjoy 10% off their purchase. For more event details, please check out the official Museum websites for the latest news.

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