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National Palace Museum Organization Act

Article 1
The National Palace Museum (hereinafter referred to as "the NPM") is an institution dedicated to the organization, care, and display of ancient Chinese artifacts and works of art held by the former Palace Museum of Peiping and the Preparatory Office of the National Central Museum.  The NPM shall enhance its socio-educational function through the acquisition, research, and promotion of ancient Chinese artifacts and works of art.  The NPM is a subordinate of the Executive Yuan.
Article 2
The NPM shall be responsible for the following duties related to ancient artifacts and works of art:
1. Collection management, cataloging, inspection and scientific conservation, as well as preservation and restoration;
2. Research, analysis, authentication, and appraisal;
3. Purchases, acquisitions, custody processing, reception of donations, derivative utilization, and innovative value-adding;
4. Exhibition design, visitor services, academic exchange, educational promotion, e-learning, and international cooperation; and
5. Other related matters.
Article 3
The NPM shall have one director and two deputy directors.  One deputy director shall be a political appointee who is equivalent to a 14th-grade senior-level civil servant, and the other a 14th-grade senior-level career civil servant. The post for the non-political appointee, if necessary, may also be filled by one who has the equivalent qualifications of a university president.
Article 4
The NPM shall have a secretary-general who is a 12th-grade senior-level career civil servant.

Article 5
The number and ranks of members on the NPM staff shall be tabulated separately.

Article 6
Currently employed assistant clerks of the NPM without civil service qualifications, who were employed according to the now-defunct Administrative Regulations for Assistant Clerks, may remain in their posts and continue to work as associate clerks until such employment comes to an end.
Article 7
The chief curators, deputy chief curators, research fellows, associate research fellows, and assistant research fellows shall be appointed through the Act of Governing the Appointment of Educators.  The section chiefs shall have the concurrent position of an associate research fellow or executive officer.

Article 8
This Act shall enter into force from the date of its promulgation.

Last Updated:2017-12-12