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Present Director – Hsiao, Tsung-Huang

Hsiao, Tsung-Huang

  • Hsiao, Tsung-Huang
    • Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University (1977.09~1981.06)
    • Master of Arts Management, the Graduate Institute of Arts Administration and Management, Taipei National University of the Arts (2000.09~2007.06)

    • Director, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (2001.11~2004.09)
    • Director, National Taiwan Museum (2004.09~2012.05)
    • Director of Department of Cultural Resources, Ministry of Culture (2015.05~2013.07)
    • Chief Secretary, Ministry of Culture (2013.07~2015.07)
    • Director, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2015.07~2018.08)
    • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Culture (2018.08~2023.01)
Last Updated:2023-01-31