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A Gathering of Treasures in the National Palace Museum North and South

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The Ganges River flowing through the Indian subcontinent gave rise to the long and established culture of India. Several important religions that came to have a major influence on not only Asia but also the world originated there, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and later Sikhism. This great river civilization gave birth to, nourished, and allowed them to flourish. Accompanying the flow of religions, peoples, and materials, the influence of Indian culture also spread to regions in East, West, and Southeast Asia, bringing derivations and developments that yielded great inspiration for the arts and cultures of those places.

On display here are two fascinating and stylistically unique works of art, "Umā-Maheśvara" from 10th-century Kashmir and "Hanuman Figure in Underglaze Blue and Overglaze Colors" from 15th-century Vietnam. It is hoped that audiences can appreciate the beauty of Indian and Vietnamese art as well as the allure of the literary and religious traditions behind these two areas. People can also understand better the intimate sparks of exchange between South and Southeast Asia as well as experience the pluralism of Asian styles!