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Legacy of Magnificent Glory Usual Scenes from Qing Palace

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In the early 1980s, the National Palace Museum had purchased a suite of red sandalwood furniture, which came from the Prince Gong’s Mansion in Beijing. According to research, it is known that they originally belonged to the Qing court, and were granted to the Prince Gong, Yixin (1833-1898) from the Emperor Xianfeng (1831-1861), to serve the purpose for the mansion. During the same time, the NPM had also received a pair of red sandalwood antique cabinets donated by the Ji Xingfu couple. These items had been made from high-density red sandalwood, which is rare and precious; the intricate carvings and the fine carpentry stand for the typical production of the Qing palace’s furniture.

The display of furniture and cultural artifacts has enabled the understanding of general perspectives of the royalties' daily life. Through the transitions among different spaces such as the living area, the study room, and the resting place, hence to comprehend the relationship between the appliance of furniture and the artifacts. Nonetheless, the pursuit of a refined lifestyle remains certain. The exquisiteness of furniture and the beauty of artifacts definitely deliver the finesse of the royal court. The vivid atmosphere created by various artifacts being appraised and displayed within the window view, in attempt to demonstrate the scenes of the royal court, which is above the ordinaries and also brimmed with elegance.