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“Inkstone aficionados” are individuals who are extremely infatuated with inkstones. Famous historical figures such as Su Shi and Mi Fu from the Song Dynasty, as well as Gao Fenghan from the Yangzhou School of Painting in the Qing Dynasty, were all renowned lovers of inkstones. What is it about inkstones that captivates people and makes them unable to let go? Let us appreciate the beauty of inkstones and share some intriguing stories about them.

Inkstones have accompanied people through the ages. In an era before computer keyboards were used and before fountain pens were invented, the use of brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones was required for writing and painting. Among these tools, inkstones have stood the test of time. For approximately 2,000 years, inkstones have undergone continuous changes, evolution, and refinement, much like the ebb and flow of fashion trends, exhibiting a multitude of forms and styles throughout different eras.

The exhibition will focus on the development and evolution of inkstone styles, interwoven with various aspects related to inkstones. We hope that everyone can experience the distinctive features of inkstones and immerse themselves in the emotions and sentiments of inkstone users throughout history, bridging the gap between the past and the present.