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Oversized Masterpiece Scrolls in the Museum Collection (2024-I)

  • #Calligraphy
  • #Painting



  • Antithetical Couplet with Characters Compiled from Sutra Rock Valley, Chou Tien-you, Republican era
  • Pillar Memorial for the Dharani for the Honorable Ones of the Buddha Peak, Bai Xilin, Tang dynasty
  • Five Ming Dynasty Masters Fundraising Memoranda for Cold Mountain Buddhist Monastery, Tang Yin, et al, Ming dynasty
  • Auspicious Image of a Majestically Adorned Bodhisattva Attributed to Ding Yunpeng, Anonymous, Qing dynasty
  • Realm of Ultimate Bliss, Ding Guanpeng, Qing dynasty
  • Kesi Realm of Ultimate Bliss, Anonymous, Qing dynasty